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ABBC (Association of Brazilian Banks)

INFORM is one of the only Brazilian communications consulting firms specialized in the financial sector. In the specific case of ABBC (Brazilian Banks Association), an Integrated Communications Project has gone on since 1983, the founding year of the Association. Activities that have been conducted are:

  • Brand and Logo creation
  • Government Relations
  • Organizing national and international events
  • Newsletters
  • Institutional Profiles
  • Annual Reports
  • Cd-Rom
  • Creation of a Data-Base
  • Organizing courses and seminars
  • Participation in fairs and congresses

Em breve lançaremos o nosso novo site e conteúdo nas mídias sociais

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INFORM COMUNICAÇÃO S/S LTDA. Av. 9 de Julho, 5049 – 13º e 14º Andares 01407-200 – São Paulo – SP Fone: +55 11 3079.6133