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Public Opinion Prize

At the end of 2008, REDE INFORM, at the request of its associated company LPM Communicação, prepared the 2009 Integrated Communication Plan for the Lisbon Tourism Association (ATL) with the Lisbon Invites theme.


Key objectives:

  • Improve awareness of the Lisbon brand, update its image in the Brazilian market, and associate it with modernity.
  • • Present Lisbon to the Brazilian market as a cosmopolitan city and an affordable and exciting destination for Brazilian travelers, emphasizing nonstop flights between Brazil and Lisbon.
  • • Ensure 400,000 hotel overnight stays by Brazilians in Lisbon.


Planning involved public relations and the conducting of the following tasks:

  • Press relations
  • A web-based advertising campaign.
  • Publications
  • Organization of seven road shows in key cities in Brazil (São Paulo, Campinas, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Brasília, Recife, and Salvador).
  • Provide press trips to Lisbon


Target audiences:

  • Travel agency operators (trade)
  • Industry associations
  • Brazilian media (journalists specialized in travel, gastronomy, culture, and economy)
  • Government, embassies, and consulates Consulados
  • Business leaders (investors)
  • Society and celebrities
  • End consumers
  • The Portuguese community

Results of the Lisbon Invites project

  • The total of overnight hotel stays by Brazilians in Lisbon in 2011 was 646,500, a figure that is up 21.7 percent from 2010 figures.
  • Overnight hotel stays by Brazilians in Lisbon leaped 60 percent to 646,500 from 414,000 in 2008, when INFORM started working with ATL.

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