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Through this element, INFORM creates opportunities for companies to contact their target audiences and convey a positive image. This activity includes planning strategies, designing content, organizing activities, and coordinating suppliers..


This service establishes contact between different audiences of the company and its new products and services, thus motivating sales.


This service brings focus to organizations and adds value to their image. Example: Press conferences.


Occasions are created and organized to enable people of interest to the organization or company to gather and to celebrate a relevant event. This includes important dates, such as the day of the founding of the company.

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Em breve lançaremos o nosso novo site e conteúdo nas mídias sociais

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INFORM COMUNICAÇÃO S/S LTDA. Av. 9 de Julho, 5049 – 13º e 14º Andares 01407-200 – São Paulo – SP Fone: +55 11 3079.6133